Video Gallery

1. Pedestrian Claims Against Driver Dropped

Girl on phone walks briskly across road as lights go green – Chap on phone runs across lights when they are clearly green for a few seconds and is clipped on the ankle by the driver, causing the chap to fall over and knock his head + few other bumps and bruises.
The girl shouts at the “groggy chap” it was on green you idiot (or charming words to that effect)

It turns out that the Girl was on the phone to her boyfriend – The boyfriend….. just happened to be the chap on the phone running across the road after her, who was trying to be clever by surprising her.
The police were called and the matter sorted (as thought)

***3 months later – out of the blue the Driver / Director received a claim from the Chap hit at the lights
Our Director obviously challenged – When the insurance inspector called to see our Director – The inspector viewed the incident 3 times on the RoadScan Data Manager and checked against the claim forms provided by “the witness” and Claimant

Hmmmm, That’s not what the witness says – Hmmmm, that didn’t happen, Hmmmm, Hmmm and many more Hmmm’s
Insurance investigator Last words – I wish I had this for every accident…make my job simple (Or redundant!)

Claim thrown out!

2. Van Driver Cuts Up Truck & Then Fails To Stop

“Van driver cuts up the lorry, hits it and as you see – Fails to stop after the accident. My customer caught all the necessary evidence on his RoadScan. The incident was reported with a 30 second video file clearly showing the Vans registration, all road signage, road layout, position in the road etc – With RoadScan you see Before, During and After the accident – The RoadScan leaves nothing to question!!”

3. Car Cuts Up Truck Driver & Then Blames The Truck

“This footage is from 2009 … One of RoadScan’s earliest Video Event Data Recorders – The RoadCam

Witnesses only backed up what the car driver said to the police (From behind, it’s all they saw!) – “The truck hit the Black Car from behind and spun it head on into oncoming traffic”
The RoadScan driver was cautioned by police of arrest on hearing witness / car driver reports
RoadScan driver tells Police incident should be captured on RoadScan and is escorted back to depot where downloaded

Outcome – The RoadScan proved the Black car cut across the white lines, pulling across the front of the truck and also braked ….The black car was completely at fault and the driver of the Truck cleared of all blame and……EVEN apologised to by the police!!!

I think you and any insurers know the mess / cost this would have caused”

4. Italian Scooter Accident

Borrowed from our Italian partners!!

Love the hand gestures + “gentle” brush down…….

5. Lorry Hits Bridge & Falls Over, Then Gets Hit By Oncoming Lorry

“Do you know anyone that doesn’t flinch or try to “hit the brakes” when they watch this clip?

Lessons re driver behaviour were learnt from both companies’”

6. Knock For Knock Accident

“This incident would usually result in “knock for knock” because of lack of witness and clear evidence. The RoadScan PRO proves conclusively that the approaching truck has crossed the white lines, leaving no room for my customer and is to blame for the accident.”

“How many times have your drivers reported an incident or accident suggesting they were “Not at Fault” yet do not have a witness or evidence to back up their claims. RoadScan is your witness and your evidence. RoadScan saves you money, time and often your credibility”

7. White Van Hits Truck

“Watch a few times looking for the Vans tyre smoke / road position / speeding thro corner / no seatbelt etc

Our customer is a delivery tanker

The van driver claimed he was paying full attention + driving at a sensible speed for both the road and conditions…He came round the corner to find the truck completely blocking the road and speeding towards him, leaving nowhere to go – This story / claim was made to police as well as insurance

Truth via RoadScan
The tanker driver did pretty much everything possible to avoid the accident. Tanker driver saw the Van early and immediately moved to the left and slowed rapidly onto the soft verge (potentially endangering his own vehicle and load) leaving space for the “speeding Van” to pass
The Van was unfortunately, proven to be driving too fast for the road conditions / corner (as position shows) – not paying attention, seeing the tanker too late and skidding into a collision. The Van driver was also not wearing a seatbelt and went through the windscreen.

Outcome – Claim against Tanker AND Driver kicked out + fully exonerated of any blame with the Van driver prosecuted for dangerous driving + false claims
RoadScan stops a VERY hefty payout + possible prosecution

***Police + insurance admitted that without the RoadScan it would have been nigh on impossible to prove who was at fault!***”

8. Gatwick Meet & Greet!!

***Please understand, my last comments to the Gatwick driver were;

1/ Take it easy – I’ve just had new brakes 250 miles ago and they’re not yet bedded in

2/ Please don’t drive like an idiot because it will be recorded on this…..Then pointed to the RoadScan PRO behind the Rear view mirror

He didn’t listen to a word!!

Clips prob best played with a bit of volume!!

Ist clip shows The Gatwick parking driver leaving a gap before the roundabout and then accelerating hard to 72mph in a 30mph zone before hammering the new brakes (triggering the RoadScan PRO) for a speed camera!

2nd clip show the driver waiting at a junction whilst spinning the wheels holding the brake down – As he releases, he comes out of the turning a little sideways before hard acceleration again to go sideways once more!

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why my tyres were shot!?

Story board;

My car was dropped off by Gatwick’s Meet and Greet driver on holiday return – He mentioned a noise around the back of the car

When I looked, I saw 2 pretty flat tyres, so looked closer and could see “cording” showing on the tyre insides. I refused to sign the handover ticket and drove to Reigate immediately to purchase 2 x new rear tyres….with a police escort who I’d called!!!

When I returned home I checked the RoadScan PRO in my car to see if it had been activated??

There were 14 incidents in the 1st 8 minutes, showing the Gatwick meet and greet driver who originally picked up my car at the start of the holiday – mindlessly abusing my car with sideways wheel spinning, in excess of 37mph over “tombstone” speed bumps, sitting at a junction as you hear him turn off traction control and spinning the rear wheels with his foot on the brake till they smoke! Etc etc etc…….!!!

DIT – Showed the cheeky **^%$^&* took the car out again with his mate at 18:00 for another “rag”…..This time RoadScan showed them screech to a halt outside a curry house!!

All incident captured were over .7g with the majority in excess of 1g and therefore critical events that could not be overwritten.

The mindless criminal abuse had left my car in a dangerous unroadworthy state – The chap who changed the tyres suggested had I have got on the M25 and gone over 50mph, the rear tyres would almost certainly have blown with my family + fully loaded with suitcases!

Outcome – When I showed the Directors of the parking company / booking agents & Police the RoadScan evidence

All monies instantly reimbursed

Car front end suspension rebuild including Geo set up etc

4 tyres new

Driver sacked (Supposedly…) and company under investigation etc

This was obviously my car but just goes to prove – You don’t know what happens once the driver is out of sight? – Nice to have PROOF!