About Us

About RoadScan

RoadScan have been VEDR (Video Event Data Recorder) market leaders for over 8 years.

We are proud to have protected the World’s largest Logistics business as well as Wincanton & others.

RoadScan have saved the largest international logistics company in excess of £10,000,000+ over the last 4 years

Household names that use RoadScan to protect their fleets include; Marks & Spenser’s, Argos, B&Q, Volvo, Mothercare, Rank Hovis, ScrewFix, Toys R Us, Dunelm, Iceland, Next, Sainsbury’s, Total, BP, Shell, Halfords, Morrisons, Asda, NHS, TK Maxx, Railtrack, Veolia, Birds Eye and many more…..

RoadScan have produced reliable Safety Cameras covering everyone’s needs from the Giant Quarry vehicles in need of 360 degree protection from our 4 x Camera system through to your Everyday driver who also requires the same level of protection. The RoadScan Motor is a funky little Camera with fantastic features that does the job in a simple and effective way.

Truly Tamper Proof – SD Cards are consumable items, easily corruptible and volatile following heavy accidents! The RoadScan PRO & PRO-S are unique having Internal Nand Memory to which events / incidents are automatically saved. For Example;

One of the RoadScan PRO-S greatest assets is the Internal Nand Memory which protects against having to rely on DVRs with volatile SD Card performance. There have been many incidences following major accidents where SD Card cameras failed to record and missed the vital evidence necessary to protect your driver, fleet and company reputation.

The RoadScan PRO-S records events immediately to the Internal Nand Memory and then automatically downloads them to the SD Card without deleting them internally! YOU NEVER MISS AN ACCIDENT!


Following a Major Motorway Accident where a vehicle fitted with RoadScan PRO-S was shunted from behind into the rear of a waste management vehicle – The ruggedized RoadScan PRO-S was recovered 40 yards away on the hard shoulder still attached to the windscreen.

Due to the impact, force and nature of the incident, any SD Card competitors DVR would be broken rendering the SD Card useless. (SD Cards are consumable items – Easily Damaged, Unreadable, Corrupted and Cannot Format etc etc) Loss or interruption of power at the accident or one of many other reasons could affect the SD Card Cameras. The Police who attended the accident scene were amazed the RoadScan PRO-S could still retrieve ALL accident footage from before, during and after the accident.

Warwickshire Police commented there would have been a long drawn out investigation without this conclusive evidence which in turn saved our customer time and money throughout the whole incident / insurance process.