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RoadScan™ PRO

your digital EYE on the road

The PRO is a top of the range single lens RoadScan™ VEDR (Video Event Data Recorder), which records accidents and monitors driver behaviour, before, during and after an event. It also provides vehicle speed & location information. The Digital Image Tachograph (DIT) tracker provides a daily record of the vehicle's route. Providing speed and location of the (know where your vehicle has been).

  • Single Lens wide angle high quality forward facing camera
  • Automatic video event capture 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after the RoadScan is triggered
  • Optional Continuous recording mode 2 to 16 hours (depending on memory card captivity), for training reviews etc.
  • GPS Module provides map location, plots the event and shows route taken on Google Maps©
  • Continuously monitors speed
  • DIT historic digital tracker records the route the vehicle has taken (see below)
  • "Red Button" trigger enables manual incident capture
  • Very High quality VGA 640x480 pixel viewing screen. 24x frames per second
  • Download via SD Memory 2GByte (upto 16GByte)
  • Very low light, 1 Lux
  • Up to 500 incident memory
  • RoadScan™ event review software
  • Fitting kit, power cable, USB2 Memory card reader
  • Installation service (optional)
  • Training (optional)

Never drive without a RoadScan VEDR in your vehicle. It provides that vital video witness in the event of a accident.

Also it records driver behavior (good and suspect), providing an essential management tool for a Company's Driver Training and Health & Safety program. Continuously Protecting your driver, your Company reputation and Your Company's assets.

Fighting an unjust accident claim is time consuming and expensive, sometimes costing a company, or individual more than the claim is worth -Higher insurance premiums - Excessive administration time - Out of pocket expenses. Etc.